Weekly Update 23rd January 2012


Meeting of member development (see previous post on working together)

Stretford Neighbourhood Forum – A dreadful meeting. The Tories dictate the agenda for these forums and this meeting was so obviously a deceitful device to share some of the blame for their harsh budget proposals. Nothing original in that – what I found really brazen was that they’re only putting certain chosen items into the consultation.

Where was the budget for their lauded Transformation Team?
Nowhere to be seen – not up for discussion.

What happens if volunteers don’t come forward to replace paid staff in libraries, youth services and other areas?
Automated response – not programmed to answer. Please ask another question

As usual, councillors and officers outnumbered the public two to 1 but at the end of the process, we’ll be told how supportive of the budget proposals, the public have been. Deeply depressing.


Met with Trafford’s Corporate Director of Transformation and Resources along with Dave Acton and Barry Brotherton.


Gorse Hill Action Group – Really good meeting. There seems a renewed energy to move things forward. Gorse Hill Funday was provisionally set for May 20.


Transport Committee in the morning. Not been a good week for the Trams with points failures and breakdowns. I thought it sensible to go by tram and fortunately the trams were fine or perhaps unfortunately as I didn’t really experience the problems they’d been in the week. Tram problems are nothing new though but I think the issues that have really infuriated is firstly the regularity, and secondly how the breakdowns were handled.

In the afternoon I had a sneak peak at the parliament channel as I’ve been following the Daylight Saving Bill which aims to give us an extra hour of daylight in the evenings and a later dawn. I’m a supporter. But there are arguments against and they should be listen too. However, what happened on Friday brought parliament into disrepute. I don’t recommend anyone watches all of the video below but it demonstrates the complete farce of the filibuster (talking a bill out – at one point they resorted to readings from the bible). Pathetic





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