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  • Labour Response to Liz Truss and other updates

    Labour Response to Liz Truss and other updates

    Update Change of PM, I’m on the Panel and Labour update.

  • Canvassing Kingsway Park

    Canvassing Kingsway Park

    Things I heard: Better maintenance of drains and general upkeep of streets wanted including weed control – I heard this from quite a few residents. It’s a difficult one but we shouldn’t dismiss it. There was one grid pointed out to me that actually looked as though it had been cleaned. I might be wrong […]

  • Couple of pieces of Casework

    Couple of pieces of Casework

    This week has brought a couple of pieces of casework that have not resulted in complete resolution (though have managed to get a couple of potholes fixed) but still worth the work in pursuing further. Potholes in Lostock There’s a lot of potholes in Norwich Road at its junction with Moss Vale Road. They’re not […]

  • Scrutiny under the microscope

    Scrutiny under the microscope

    Big Agenda for Last Executive Meeting before Election Scrutiny looking to improve its Outcomes When the Cabinet System was adopted by Trafford, there was a clear expectation that Scrutiny would be an influential and effective means of holding the Executive Members of Cabinet to account for the important decisions whilst allowing the routine day to […]

  • Addressing the broken housing market

    Addressing the broken housing market

    I chaired a good meeting last night looking at social housing within Trafford. It was a meeting I was quite keen to have. I think a lot of us had picked up on a perfect storm affecting people hoping to set up home in Trafford. Inflated house prices, a dysfunctional private rented sector and a […]

  • June Update (Planning) Surfing on its way

    June Update (Planning) Surfing on its way

    Cricket Ground – new Red Rose stand incorporating hotel The Red Rose development at Lancashire Cricket Club was allowed at planning committee. Essentially this is reduced size hotel compared to a previous application. I’m not exactly bowled over by the plan. I’m quite proud of Old Trafford cricket ground and this does not seem up […]