Weekly Update 13 December 2010


Attended Humphrey Park playbuilder scheme meeting. Sadly the decision was taken to recommend to Trafford not to proceed. The basis was purely on the strength of feeling of local residents against any improvement to the park that would encourage young people to use it.


Went on patrol with local police to look at policing of football matches. United were playing Valencia. Supporters being conned to fork out for car-parking where they could get clamped is the most troubling for the police. However a very cold night thankfully biggest problem we saw was a coach of away supporters taking a wrong turn and having to reverse against the flow of supporters.


Casework and mail


I watched the debate in parliament on Student Fees. The Lib Dem defence is all over the place. They couldn’t have been more emphatic in their campaign that they would vote against any increase in student fees. They targeted to University seats with the message. In power they’ve abandoned it without hesitation. I do not know what the Lib Dems stand for any more. I used to have a degree of respect for the Lib Dems particularly in their opposition to the war which was an issue I shared with them. Now they’ve jettisoned all their key platforms, even their opposition to Iraq looks like opportune positioning.

Attended the Peel consultation on Brep. Had an interesting conversation with a volunteer from planning aid. The Government is cutting their funding from April. Planning Aid help communities influence the planning decisions affecting them. They’re not simply there to oppose planning. I would have thought they were ideally placed to play a role in the Big Society. I’ve asked Kate Green if she’ll write to the minister as it will be tragic if Planning Aid folds.





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