Weekly Update 12th – 18th January

I got to cut the ribbon on the Lidl opening. I wish them all the best. More signs of Gorse Hill’s renaissance. Pleased for the jobs, pleased for the retail offer we’re getting here.

Politics is all about Brexit. It’s a mess, isn’t it? Personal view – we’re nowhere near ready to leave. For example, the Government’s taking all its Northern Ireland soundings from the DUP – when Northern Ireland actually voted to remain in the EU. We’ve now had a car bomb in Londonderry. The Good Friday peace process matters, it’s not a little detail to be ignored. We have to pause article 50 to attend to so many issues that the government has been ignoring.

Again personally, I’m not won over by the People’s Vote argument. I voted to remain, I lost, and I think we should honour the vote. I’d be happy with a similar arrangement to Norway. I suspect whatever arrangement we start with will change over years. I might be wrong but I don’t believe you need something similar to Article 50 in order to leave or change Norway plus. It seems obvious we should be pursuing a relationship with the EU that’s close but respects the referendum result. But we need far more time to get businesses and people ready. But the main concern has to be Northern Ireland. I don’t want a return to the troubles. I can’t think of anything more likely to undermine confidence in Good Friday than only dealing with the DUP.






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