Surface of Chatsworth Road – Call for Evidence

Every year I submit Chatsworth Road in Lostock to the council's highways dept as my number one priority within the ward for resurfacing. The best I've achieved is some haphazard patching of occasional potholes there.

It's a well used route. I've talked to councillors with residents who'll use it regularly, particularly in Davyhulme and Flixton. All have agreed that the road is the worse for wear. I've always had the suspicion though that cyclists see this road as in a lot more serious condition than 'worse for wear'. It's more  than an uncomfortable ride too.  The road is rutted throughout and the cyclist is forced off their natural course by regular fractures of the surface. This makes it quite dangerous in sharing the route with motor vehicles as the cyclist is forced to weave in and out.

We've not really put in a concerted collective demand for the road to be resurfaced from cyclists and it's perhaps time we did. I've helped cyclists before, particularly with regard to Victoria Road in Hale; but that was for a cycling club. We don't seem to have a collective voice for cyclists from the Urmston side of Trafford. I've been approached by one cyclist who feels that he's going to have to change his route to avoid Chatsworth – I believe there's many more cyclists out there who 'require' this road to be resurfaced. My lonesome annual plea for this road to be top of the list has not worked. I'm therefore putting the call out for anyone who's had experience of an uncomfortable/dangerous riding experience along Chatsworth Road to 'tell' their story to the council, to make the case collectively with me.

Tell me about your bike ride on Chatsworth Road in Lostock. Ideally use the comments below, so that it might encourage others to join in. If you absolutely prefer confidentiality then email me at








  1. Simon Hooson avatar
    Simon Hooson

    I consider myself an experienced and confident cyclist. I have cycled along that road a number of times and would prefer to go out of my way rather than use it again.

    The potholes represent ‘double jeopardy’ for cyclists – potential damage or accident if hit or unpredictable weaving around motor traffic.

  2. mags lovatt avatar
    mags lovatt

    Totally agree with Simon there’s that many you have no choice but to be hit or dismount .The speed bumps are that eroded it makes an ideal racetrack for the speed boy racers .Definitely needs resurfacing as it is an extremely busy cut through from Urmston/Stretford .I have lived here for 52 years never known it be resurfaced !
    We did not use to have buses down here but now a regular route along with the many HGV’s heading for Trafford Park . Time to spend some money . You might want to look at the pavements as well that some tenants drive over (no dropped curve !! ) to park in their gardens as the pavements are now in great disrepair as well ..

  3. Lee Harte avatar
    Lee Harte

    This road has been a bugbear of mine for at least 8 years now.
    The state of the road is an absolute disgrace.
    It is impossible to ride the road in any comfort, and as already mentioned, it is incredibly dangerous when cars and vans are sharing the space with cyclists.

  4. Chris Whitworth avatar
    Chris Whitworth

    The road surface is so bad, it is impossible to cycle in a steady fashion at the correct distance from the kerb. I have also seen other cyclists being thrown towards the middle of the road after hitting a pothole/rut also, and being forced to put a foot down and stop – not ideal when vehicles are travelling faster behind.
    Even when driving on this road in a vehicle, it is a very rough and ‘crashy’ experience which must illustrate how bad things are for cycle users.
    Schoolchildren also cycle to the school on this road, if they are confident enough to ride on the road then they should be able to do so safely and without the fear of being thrown off.

  5. Mike Cordingley avatar

    Hi Many thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ve posted to the Messenger’s Letter Page today so hopefully that will trigger some more responses. I’ll send the six responses we’ve got so far (including mine) to the council on Monday, but I’m hoping that we’ll get many more over the weekend.

  6. Andrew Watson avatar
    Andrew Watson

    I cycle along Chatsworth when commuting from Urmston to Manchester. It is a terrible road to cycle down due to regular cracks across the road. I think it must have been concrete previously and where the concrete slabs join the tarmac has sunk. Going into the middle of the road is necessary to avoid the worst of the cracks. Another Major problem with the road which resurfacing won’t cure is cars parking alongside the speed bumps. This means that cyclists cannot go kerbside of the bump and we can’t go over the bump (as they are not smooth) so we have to go into the middle of the road. It would be an idea to ban cars from doing this.

  7. wantaway avatar

    I agree that the surface of Chatsworth Road is beyond ‘poorly maintained’ and has now become potentially dangerous. The holes are so numerous that avoiding them without becoming a hazard to faster moving vehicles takes a huge level of confidence / foolhardiness. This road was part of my daily cycle route to work for 6 years and it has been in a poor state of repair the entire time. I have though recently decided that it is unfit for even an off-road bike to use safely and have altered my route to avoid it. Sadly, there are plenty of other roads in the area that are also in dire need of repair. Grange Road in Urmston, Kings Road in Stretford, the speed bumps of Railway Road – all of which pose significant threats to cyclists. I am sure that there are others who could compile a longer list.

  8. Mike Cordingley avatar

    Hi all, I’ve submitted all your replies. Personally, I think you’ve made a really compelling case. I would have preferred more responses but it’s quality rather than quantity and I don’t see how our case can be resisted.

    I’ve also copied the Trafford Cycle Forum into this. They meet next week (10th February at Trafford Town Hall 6pm.). It’s simply a ‘drop-in’ membership and if you’re able to come along it’d be great to see you.

    Mike Cordingley

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