Some Current Casework

Just a flavour of some of my current casework. I’ve removed names from an email I’ve sent.

Euroterminal – I’ve been approached separately by a few people regarding increased noise, particularly in evenings and night. There seems to be increased noise from stationery trains close to the football stadium. This will be exclusively at night I guess as the trains will be on the main line there and awaiting siding at the EuroTerminal. Do we have a liaison with the EuroTerminal Management? I remember it was a big issue before I became a Councillor but has largely been managed well since. It is just this year that it has begun to resurface.

Dog Poo Raglan/Melville/Sevenway– Always an issue but has increased as a nuisance on the Raglan/Melville/Sevenways triangle. It is not an area of the ward that has ever been prioritised for ‘Be Responsible’ activity but seems to be a big issue at the moment and has been raised by a few neighbours

Streetlights on the same Raglan Road – they’re metal and rusty – is it programmed to paint these legacy columns here and elsewhere or is the intention to let them degrade until they can be replaced with LED bearing columns?

Mobikes and Manchester United – Steve Pyer (Mobike UK) gave a presentation to TfGMC this morning.  The conversation moved onto Manchester United/Manchester City and it seemed apparent that Mobike had a rather out of date idea of crowd flow at these events. They were assuming bikes and crowds don’t mix because essentially it was a stationery crush. My experience is that even for the biggest matches there is always flow in crowd movement and actually for mobikes in particular compared to a racing bike, there is scope for putting these in the mix. At both stadia there’s supporters who do use bikes – City have better facilities but United still have some users. Mobike is already in North Trafford whether officially or not and their management recognise that. I’m hoping that we can encourage more.

Speed Calming; The Fiveways junction (Park Road/Davyhulme Road) continues to be an issue. For some reason that slight decline towards the railway bridge encourages excessive acceleration. I have been contacted by a young resident on Park Road……… There’s a case for a speed trap/speed indicator device and for improved sequencing.

Davyhulme Road/Moss Road Spar – the issue of the parking place accessible only by reversing directly onto a pelican crossing is still unresolved. There was a dispute between traffic management and planning enforcement. My understanding that there wasn’t a planning condition attached to the original change of use but there was on the installation of an ATM. Either way it is falling between two stools and not being resolved.

Speed calming – Rowsley Road – I’ve had two separate calls for speed calming on Rowsley Road between Chatstworth Road and Barton Road. It’s surprised me because it doesn’t look particularly like a rat run, but that does indeed seem to be happening.

Moss Road – There’s a vehicle repair business spilling onto the road. There’s permanently vehicles parked there. I have received complaints that there’s speeding and untidiness. Clearly there’s more residents using this road with the new development on the College site. The speeding might not always be associated with the business but is an issue I’ve seen for myself.






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