Greater Manchester Mayor – Andy Burnham 100 days

Jen Williams is continually showing that great journalism doesn’t have to be London based. It’s worth reading the linked article from the Manchester Evening News.

On the mayor, I haven’t changed my view. Only someone of the stature of Andy Burnham has a chance of making it work. But it’s still going to be difficult.

There are hurdles to surmount. There’s no doubt about that.

The Tory Government has lost its will to do anything much at all collectively and is showing all the signs of being totally dysfunctional – it should be in special measures. And that makes the devolution agenda far harder.

The council leaders across Greater Manchester (with two perhaps 3 exceptions*) are incredibly secure in their positions. I’m sure that fact creates its own dynamic.

* I’m less concerned that a council is predominantly ruled by one party, that’s just electoral geography. It’s reasonable to ask though how the parties select and sustain their leader over the decades. There’s an argument that only Salford has a transparent process with its City Mayor. I just float that mischievous thought…. Discuss






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