Seven Days to go

How do you think it’s going? Are you fed up with the lot us? What do your friends think? Is it going to change anything?

Are you fed up with all the leaflets?

Or should I ask, “Have you seen any leaflets?”

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I’ve only been made aware of Labour and Lib Dem printed material. Neither of the other parties seem to have even put out an election address.

The next door seat of Altrincham is very busy but we seem to be campaigning alone here.

So who is winning the national race?

I don’t know about you, but I was expecting a very different election. I think we may have built Johnson up as this great campaigner, but he really isn’t very good and he’s turned out to be distinctly cowardly.

The country desperately needs a radical Labour government to reset the dial towards a high skilled, fairly distributed, healthy, society.

We have the policies (perhaps a tad too many… ) and they’re good ones. This should be a straight-forward landslide if it were not for Brexit.

There is no easy political solution available to Labour on the question of Brexit and I am content enough with where we are on that.

But it’s clear that only Labour has the policies to redress the imbalances in the economy and move us to towards a much more productive and sustainable society with no one left behind.

The Scandinavian economic model is very much suited to 21st century UK.


Totally in awe of Kate Green. I don’t know how she has so much energy.

There’s a huge amount of personal enthusiasm. The candidate still can make a difference. It’s the last seven days, please make sure you vote Labour, vote Kate Green.






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