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  • Choosing the next MP

    Choosing the next MP

    We’re in the middle of our selection as Labour candidate. It’s an important choice and the three candidates left standing are of a really high quality. Iram Woolley Andrew Western Joanne Harding I’m having trouble choosing the candidate This is really an open set of five political questions to them as well as one operational…

  • Labour’s Runners 4 next MP

    Labour’s Runners 4 next MP

    We have a longlist for Labour’s replacement to stand for parliament when Kate Green’s term ends. It looks a quality field This will be the third selection since the constituency was created and we can already say that once again there’s been no parachute in of a favourite candidate and no stitching up to prevent…

  • Putting Children back to first priority

    Putting Children back to first priority

    I am really pleased that Andy Western – leader of Trafford Council has made the comments I’m sharing below. It’s something I’ve been uncomfortable with since the outset of the first lockdown. I was never happy that schools were shut down. With hindsight, I can see we needed a pause to get on top of…

  • First week of a new year

    First week of a new year

    After the Circle Court fire and loss of all services everything preceding it pales into insignificance but it was a busy week.

  • Seven Days to go

    Seven Days to go

    How do you think it’s going? Are you fed up with the lot us? What do your friends think? Is it going to change anything? Are you fed up with all the leaflets? Or should I ask, “Have you seen any leaflets?” I’ve only been made aware of Labour and Lib Dem printed material. Neither…

  • Nominations are in

    Nominations are in

    Notice of persons nominated. Election countdown Stretford and Urmston.