One in five of Greater Manchester’s top visitor attractions are in Gorse Hill Ward

Trafford Ecology Park 043

One of Gorgeous Gorse Hill’s unsung beauties
courtesy of Darren Lewis

No surprise that we feature so prominently in the league table.

  • The Imperial War Museum made it to number 9
  • The Manchester United Museum just pipped it at number 7
  • And Number 1 was our near neighbour The Lowry – just a footbridge away

I’m delighted that we’re recognised across Greater Manchester as a major centre of tourism. And of course Trafford Council is pleased too with the reflected glory. But is Trafford doing enough to make the best of our popularity as a destination of choice?

I believe there’s so much more it could do to really enhance our attractions.

  • It’s being a running theme of mine that what I’ve heard best described as the ‘red chippy village’ on Chester Road should be improved to make it a feature of the visitor experience.
  • And with the Quays featuring so high across both sides of the canal, we can do so much more to make the place a night and day attraction. It’s coming – but progress is to slow and I’ve yet to see real commitment from the council to make it happen.
  • We shouldn’t forget that we also have the Warehouse Project at Victoria Warehouse which I’ve seen described as the best dance venue in the country. And I fully support Gary Neville (never thought I’d say that) in his development of the hotel there.

Perhaps more importantly we’re seeing the emergence of a place changing community movement in and around the Gorse Hill neighbourhood using Facebook and other social media to reach out to like minded spirits, not content to wait for council bureaucracies to catch up with what is happening, but pursuing their ambition to turn the place into Gorgeous Gorse Hill.

I can not praise these people enough and I do urge residents who share this ambition to join both the M32 group and Gorse Hill Community Action Group on Facebook. Both groups exist beyond Facebook but Facebook remains the best platform and route in.

So what are things Trafford should be doing better?

  • Transportation – Yes they’re promoting the metrolink expansion into Trafford Park but is there a real vision behind this.
  • Managing Car Parking – It remains a crime that the Trafford Park Village area has been effectively cleansed of visitors through a scheme that was never going to work.
  • ‘Red Chippy Village’ the fans congregate there and always will, but where is the strategy for making their visit comfortable, clean and welcoming.
  • The Quayside – beautiful in the evening, but there’s so much scope to have made the prom a hive of activity and encourage cafes and street activities.
  • Cleaning generally – if we value tourism (and we should do) we can’t allow the tourist to be put off by the overflowing litter that blights the verges and unkempt areas throughout the approaches to our attractions.

So yes we’ve done well. And let's celebrate but we can do more.


Mike Cordingley






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