Labour Calls for Incinerator Appeal

Labour calls Extraordinary Meeting of Council to mount Legal Challenge to Eric Pickles’s Incinerator go-ahead

The Labour Group has called for an extraordinary Council meeting in order to instruct officers toappeal against the decision to grant the Biomass incineration Plant made by the Conservative Secretary of State Eric Pickles.

Councillor David Acton, Leader of Trafford Labour Group said, ” Eric Pickles has made an appalling decision which flies in the face of thousands of local people who live in Trafford.
The decision also runs absolutely contrary against the principles of ”Localism”. The Council unanimously opposed planning permission, the whole community were against it and campaigned tirelessly in opposition to the Incineration Plant.
We therefore are calling on the Council to condemn the decision made be the Government Minister and to appeal that decision through the Court.
Like thousands of local people I am worried about the potential health effects of this plant, which I believe will emit harmful pollution on top of the already high levels of pollution in the Davyhulme, Flixton, Urmston area. Local people are saying enough is enough and are calling for the decision to be reversed.

COUNCIL MOTION Submitted by Trafford Labour Group

The Council condemns the decision made by the Conservative Government Secretary of State in overruling this Council’s unanimous decision to refuse planning permission for the development of a Biomass Incineration Plant in Davyhulme.
This Conservative Government decision flies in the face of the Thousands of local people who have campaigned against and opposed this Incineration plant. The decision runs contrary to the definition of ”Localism” and belies any notion of local democracy and the strong wishes of our community.
In light of the above Trafford Council agrees to appeal the decision of the Secretary of State through the Court. 

Notes: The next scheduled Council Meeting is 10 July – too late for appeal. If Legal Officers accede to the request from the Labour Group the meeting would have to be June TBA






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