Motion in Support of Stretford Town Centre

The Council has recently been notified that Receivers have been appointed in respect of Stretford Town Centre Mall .
In light of the above and of the lawful consent of 80,000 sq ft of food retail at White City, and the recent decision made by the Planning Committee to support the application to build a mega 175, 000 sq ft Tesco superstore, both of which are situated near to Stretford Town Centre, this Council recognises the urgent need to support the regeneration of Stretford town centre and the Mall.
To this end the Council resolves to:
  • Do everything it can to support the Town Centre Mall in these difficult times
  • Develop a proper and thorough Town centre plan and strategy.
  • Develop a new  improved and strengthened Town Centre partnership, and the development of a more effective partnership role with whoever becomes the new owners of the Mall.
  • Ring fence the income from the mall and re-invest it back into Stretford town centre and the Mall.
This Council recognises that investment in our town centres has been proved to be effective in protecting them and making them fit for the future, helping them to serve our local communities. This has been proved to be successful in Sale, Altrincham and Urmston, this Council recognises that it is now time to look at Stretford.






  1. Lucinda Peart avatar
    Lucinda Peart

    I have recently posted a comment re the Tesco/LCCC development in relation to the proposal for a Stretford Academy, opposing the proposals for the Academy. However, in addition to this, I feel I need to comment on the issue of Stretford Town centre. I am not opposed in principal to the Tesco proposal, as I feel that the whole of Stretford is desperately in need of a revamp and development, and even am prepared to put up with the increased traffic problems to have some modern facilites but do feel that there is no reason why the two should not co-exist. Stretford has been badly neglected for many years compared to other developments (Sale Waterside, Altrincham, etc) and I agree it is time for some money to come our way. All recent permissions seem to be for tacky and unattractive businesses (fast food establishments in Gorse Hill to cater for football fans and not the local shoppers, Second hand car showrooms, budget flooring outlets etc). The Mall and indeed, Chester Road, are perfect opportunities to create a proper ‘Town Centre’ if only the council would promote a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, as has been successful in Chorlton, etc. some suggstions- 1) Incentives and planning permission for cafe-culture (street tables, bistros etc) and why not? We don’t have decent pubs let alone a restaurant in Stretford/Gorse hill!! 2) Dispense with the motorway-70’s style railings on Chester Road- they do not promote safety, quite the reverse- the first time I entered Chester Road from the M60 link, I thought I was still in a dual carriageway 70 mph zone – plenty of speed limit signs to the contrary, but the railings portray a ‘go faster’ feel – therefore go faster, do not stop and certainly do not spend any money. 3)Plant some trees and perennials?? 4) Properly develop the canal – the new houses at Stretford Marina were promised a pub/restaurant and plenty of boats-nice to sit and dine and relax- where are they? 5) The Mall- doesn’t matter what you do inside or at the back, the facia on Chester Road is dire and not a welcome invitation to passing trade. 6) I know you have no control over this one, but …The Essoldo! Please give the owner permission to do something with it- it’s a complete eyesore at the moment, but it could be glorious. Sorry, rant over, but after 22 years of watching the area decline, I am somewhat cynical about the influence or enthusiasm of anyone to change anything.

  2. admin avatar

    Thanks Lucinda,
    I was canvassing last night in the Victoria Park area and the single issue that dominated conversation was the state of the Mall. I’m not sure you’ve yet convinced me over the removal of the railings but I do agree with you about the facade of the mall.

    Mike Cordingley

  3. Lucinda Peart avatar
    Lucinda Peart

    Thanks Mike, for your response.

    I understand the need for safety barriers, but can they not be more attractive and made to look less like a fast corridor that deters people from stopping to visit Stretford? It is the image and appearance of the present railings that I think is wrong, not the safety requirement, which I wholeheartedly agree is a must. I am just commenting that I have seen road safety measures in other areas that are far more aesthetically pleasing.

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards


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