Call in of Executive Decision – Lostock College / Stretford High School Closure


The parents feel very strongly that there has been a lack of meaningful consultation with the Council concerning this decision. A 5,000 named petition has been signed by people objecting to the decision. There are a range of concerns consisting of whether there will be enough places at a new Academy, particularly in the long term when it’s planned to build 900 dwellings around LCCC – year 5 is already at capacity, and there is a lack of vacancies at any other school – a lack of information about what will happen in September, whether siblings will be guaranteed a place – severe disruption to children’s education – parents whose children are not yet in secondary education haven’t been given any information and haven’t been invited to any consultation, yet this decision affects their lives – the Stretford High School land should not be sold and the capital receipt given to LCCC, particularly so when the site of the proposed school is barely large enough for a new enlarged school – the 6th Form provision has been dropped from the original proposals for a new school. These are just a few of parents’ concerns, there are many more issues. The parents are also concerned that the decision on moving to statutory closure consultation has been made and the Executive will sign funding agreement with the Department for Education prior to the completion of the statutory consultation. This to them seems to be completely wrong and unacceptable. These concerns need to be heard by the committee and we suggest parents are invited to the call-in meeting so that the committee members can listen directly to those concerns.

Dave Acton – Labour Councillor for Gorse Hill
Mike Cordingley – Labour Councillor for Gorse Hill
Dave Jarman – Labour Councillor for Longford






  1. bev davies avatar
    bev davies

    thank you too you all for support and hard work xx

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    These plans put Traford in poor shape to accomodate Trafford Children in the future. The council are already aware of potential over-capacity due to immigration into the area and housing developments soon expected. The planned site is poorly conceived, and many stakeholders have not been privvy to consultations or had opportunity to give their views.
    Each party involved is blaming the other for the lack of information. many parents do not appreciate the changes connected to sponsored Academies, nor where responsibilities start and end and just wo will be accountable. There is no provision for 6th form at the new academy, this was shelved when ‘space’ became an issue on the proposed site. The council claim there are no alternatives when clearly there are. The council have applied for additional funds to cover their own project team in this change, and appear to have dis-regarded the money already invested in the two predessor schools and the progress they have been making. Brush problems away to private sponsors appears to be their strategy, as long as the Grammar Schools are safe!

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    Derrick Howells

    i would like to thank the Labour Party for there support during the proposal for an academy. the labour party is showing that they listen to the people and respond to public concerns. the conservative party have been very unhelpfull. we have invited them to have there say and they always decline.

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    lynn hughes

    Thank you for supporting us in our fight to save Lostock College and Stretford High!

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