Labour’s Runners 4 next MP

We have a longlist for Labour’s replacement to stand for parliament when Kate Green’s term ends.

It looks a quality field

This will be the third selection since the constituency was created and we can already say that once again there’s been no parachute in of a favourite candidate and no stitching up to prevent a local candidate from standing. We have a reputation in Stretford and Urmston of choosing good Labour MPs and we’re trusted to make our choice.

All those who declared their candidacy before this first stage have got through. I’m pleased to say I’ve not heard of anyone else coming forward to complain. So the selection is running smoothly.

The candidates:

*Link to dedicated Stretford and Urmston Campaign Page

I’m sure that now the longlist is published there’ll be a web presence to support all the campaigns and I’ll provide links when I get them.



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