Weekly Update 30/7/2012 – Executive Meeting – chapter two (The Scrutiny Reports)

Scrutiny Report on Domestic Violence Strategies in Trafford

A very lengthy report – nevertheless, I do worry that many of the 24 recommendations were based on anecdotal evidence. In principle I would agree with the scrutiny’s view that it should be the perpetrator rather than the victim who should be removed from the home, but in practice, does this not put the victim in risk of further abuse, or am I being alarmist?

It seems telling that this Conservative Council has cut the budget to Trafford’s Women’s Aid by 42%. Scrutiny acknowledge that this cut with more anticipated for next year will put “enormous pressure to maintain service levels”.  Given that the committee recognises that the cost of this crime could be as high as £5m across Greater Manchester over 5 years, one has question whether these budget cuts to Women’s Aid are actually going to cost us more in the long run.

The Scrutiny Report on Dentistry in Care Homes was also presented. Not much to say about that except that it shouldn’t take a scrutiny committee to ensure elderly residents are not waiting for weeks to get much needed dental care.






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