Weekly Update 17th-23rd November

Saturday 17th Nov

Having been reselected to stand again to be councillor, time to put a calling card together for the three of us. Trying to get all four of us (including Kate) onto an envelope sized card together with a message that will serve us until the start of the election is not as easy as it sounds but I think I’ve cracked it (just waiting for it to be printed now). For techies out there I use a programme called Scribus.

Sunday 18th Nov

Having got the leaflet out of the way, I do a bit of work on the GorseTalk Web site.

I know! It’s a bit over the top for a Councillor to have a website but it’s something I want to do. And it has provided me with new skills. Before I was elected in 2007 I’d had no reason to learn html, never mind all the skills that go into a modern responsive website. I am (and there’s no point in hiding it) quite proud of it. I’ve yet to find a better ward Councillor site.

Also take a trip to Gorse Hill to check on a paving stone.

Monday 19th Nov

Meeting I was due to have was cancelled, but soon busy righting the large plant pots in Lostock Park that have been tipped over yet again. I think this behaviour is going to continue. We discuss possible remedies. I think I favour placing the six pots in two groups of three so it’s more difficult to push and rock them over. The other suggestion is really staking or concreting them down. They’re just so top heavy, and rockable, it’s hard to see anything holding them. Something like this, repeatedly happening, always begs questions on the behaviour of modern youth. I”ve hit 60 but I tend to the view that as a teenager we’d have given it a go in pushing these pots over. So I’m not pronouncing that it’s a deterioration in behaviour. They’re just so inviting and very much a test of strength.

I just want them to test their strength in putting them back up. I’m almost at my limit!

And the pots are back down again and it’s raining so we need a solution. Really positive response on Facebook. I’ve emailed the council office who’s been liaising with the Partnership. One additional solution might be to plant them up in their current position possibly embedded.

To The Gasometer Dismantling Information British Gas were holding in Gorse Hill. Heartening to hear 2nd hand feedback from the staff, that they were struck how everyone seemed to know everyone in Gorse Hill.

Wednesday 21st Nov

Drafted a report of Friday’s meeting at Stretford High School. I’m keen to improve our rates of physical activity especially when one looks at rates of diabetes etc. However, it’s one thing to want to see active travel increase but making the right interventions is not always easy and you’ve got to be wary of just creating a soon forgotten photo op and press release. I’ve been consulting with similar minded people.

Attended the School Governors forum where one of the subjects was clean air and transport.

Casework Update – Doesn’t look likely the United urinals will be back this weekend but Trafford officers are showing a real keenness to get this sorted.

Thursday 22nd November

Library volunteering and heavy casework load. The casework is mainly centring on a car park at Seymour Grove for Iceland and Superdrug. The private parking enforcement company it seems to me are operating in a very questionable manner. Their appeal processes don’t seem to be working and there are allegations of links between the ‘independent’ governing body and the solicitors this parking company are using.

If you do get stung  at this car park and you don’t think you’ve breached the parking conditions, do report to Citizens Advice but don’t ignore the ticket.

There is a meeting at St Johns in Old Trafford on Wednesday regarding this at 7pm.

Friday 23rd November 2018

Meeting of the Capital and Policy sub-committee of Transport for Greater Manchester. Really thin gruel in terms of the agenda but there followed a big discussion under any other business on the role of councils in feeding into the wider policy agenda.

It is long overdue that we take back a little control; or at least influence.

Reported back to Executive colleagues on this.

Additionally, caught up with Angeliki Stogia from Manchester on how they’re relaunching their community speed camera activity in Whalley Range. It’s something I want to bring to Gorse Hill Ward.






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