Adele New, Councillor for Bucklow St Martins

Trafford’s Council is weaker without Adele

The Messenger is reporting that Adele New, Councillor for Bucklow St Martins (essentially Partington, Carrington and a neighbourhood of Sale) is to stand down with immediate effect.

I want to pay tribute to the achievements that Adele strived for in her ward and Partington in particular.

I’m tremendously sad to see Adele go. Partington is a unique place within Trafford, and Adele is the perfect representative, living and working there and being at the heart of everything. It is down to Adele that Partington’s profile within Greater Manchester has risen to the extent that it’s cited in almost every Transport for Greater Manchester communication as a place that needs the better transport connections that only a public commissioned service can provide.

Adele has carried the flag for her ward wherever she goes. I never use the word ‘tirelessly’. Adele has not worked tirelessly. She has worked when she’s beyond tired and visibly exhausted.

Adele is someone you measure yourself against, and know that if you’re half as good as her, you’re doing a grand job.






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