Trafford Park Station

Trafford Park Railway Station – The trains don’t stop there (often enough) and it’s not really Trafford Park is it?

It’s remarkable how many people are unaware how close the station is to the centre of Stretford and large parts of Gorse Hill. It’s name has long since ceased to be relevant. Should the station be renamed e.g.:

· Stretford – Victoria Park,
· Stretford Marina,
· Stretford – Moss Road – or left as it is?

We would really like to work to raise the station’s profile in other ways such as better signage and lighting. How can we make the station more welcoming?.
However most of all we’d like more trains to be stopping – many of the commuting trains (not the express) to and from Manchester are missing Trafford Park out. We’re told by the railways that there are technical difficulties due to the limited number of slots on the Oxford Road – Piccadilly line. We’re convinced these difficulties can be overcome if the railways can be persuaded that there is a latent demand there for services; so far put off by their irregularity..
A revitalised station with a higher profile and regular trains providing a 10 minute journey to Manchester would be a positive boon both in terms of shops and house values. We need to show that there is widespread support from within the area.

First posted 10 September 2007






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