Trafford Park Hotel Resurrection

We were privileged to be invited inside the Trafford Park Hotel yesterday. A real treat for me. It’s been heartbreaking to see the neglect over the years as it’s laid empty.

Despite the water damage, a lot of it still remains intact. It’s got wonderful tiling and the brick work seems of good quality. The hotel was one of the first buildings built on the Trafford Park Industrial Estate so it predates most of Trafford Park Village and the wider area.

It’s a fabulous building and an absolutely crucial part of Trafford Park’s heritage.

Councilors Laurence Walsh, Mike Cordingley and David Acton on the roof of Trafford Park Hotel

Why we were there

The current owners are keen to bring the hotel back into use. It’s their intention to use the hotel as part of a larger complex, the adjacent car park being used for a second larger hotel building. The Trafford Park Hotel would be the heart of this concept providing the restaurant, kitchens.

3D impression

This is an exciting project. The planning application is not yet registered but definitely one to watch.






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