Trafford Budget Debate – Variations on a theme of Pickles worship

Local public services have taken the biggest hit from this government. It's the poorer areas that have taken the biggest hit. Surrey actually gets an increase in its funding.

Labour called for Tory Trafford council to make representation to Government that the cuts would impact on the most needy, and adjourn setting a budget until March giving time for the Government to respond. It's clear that Eric Pickles has determined to target northern (mainly Labour) councils. We've seen £1bn taken out of Greater Manchester with the loss of 22,000 jobs. 

There was a real opportunity for the Tories in Trafford – the tory flagship authority to take on Pickles. They hint they think that too much has been cut. But when it comes to taking on Pickles, they become like the little green aliens worshiping the Grab and become incapable of standing up for Trafford. 

Oooh Pickles!

So it wasn't going to be the best debate. They wanted Labour to surrender and come up with a budget of our own based on their loss of courage. Andrew Western (Priory Ward) gave a robust attack. Brian Shaw from Davyhulme was probably their best speaker on the night but it was a depressing night. The risks for the most vulnerable are there to see for all.

As for the Lib Dems. It's so long now since they made any useful contribution, I can't tell them apart from the Tories.





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