School Crossing Patrols

Not Easy. I think we should have more school crossing places, not less. I can't make a case for any of the patrols to be removed.

However, we're in a consultation and some crossings have received more publicity than others. I've therefore used the opportunity that being a councillor gives me to make a special case for retaining the patrol at Barton Road/ Moss Vale Crescent. The photograph isn't great from google but at least it shows some of the sources of the traffic there. And the bend looks tighter in real life.

And here's my email to the consultation. I'd have loved to focus on other crossings, as well but in my view this is the most dangerous of all:

As these proposals put young lives at greater risk, I believe these cuts go too far. The council should be encouraging more children to walk to school rather than discouraging by making the journey more hazardous.

However I wish to make a special case for the patrol at the Barton Road/Moss Vale Road M60 circle junction. This is a particularly messy and dangerous junction on a bend. There are a number of aggravating factors at this junction including the speed and positioning of vehicles as they approach from the motorway. Buses have to take a wide radius and at the same time there are vehicles turning right onto Moss Vale Crescent.

This means that driver focus is often on simple navigation given the amount of hazards that exist here. I appreciate it is a pelican crossing but the patrol officer in their high vis and sign is a vital component in managing the children and reinforcing the stewardship of the traffic.

I appreciate there are other patrols on busier routes. Sometimes it is not just the volume, it is the complexity of the traffic behaviour that adds to the risk and I believe it is particularly prevalent at this junction.

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