Rugby League Fans ‘the worst we have to deal with’

Rugby League has a long standing reputation as a family orientated spectator sport. The shocking experiences that Gorse Hill residents have relayed to me following last week's Grand Final between Wigan and Warrington at Old Trafford suggest that this is nothing but a myth. Football fans, we're used to. It's never an easy relationship with the club and those who seek to exploit the fans whether through legal means or illegal. We know where the lines are drawn, and we generally cope. But Rugby League fans, it seems show no recognition of any limit to either alchohol intake or to the tolerance they demand from residents:

  • Urinating in alleys
  • Assaulting women in a fashion that only Donald Trump would think acceptible
  • Almost universal drunkeness and boorish behaviour
  • Incapable of eating a tray of food without losing most of their meal and then dropping the litter into the nearest garden.

I spoke to a steward who was on duty in the ground on the day. He was suprised at my surprise and said

Rugby League Fans are the worst we have to deal with!

This is unacceptable. Gorse Hill should not have to put up with it. Rugby League needs to get its house in order. We'll be making this clear to to the authorities before they return. And if you've had experiences you'd like to relay, please use the comments section below. I really want to hear from you.






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