Road and Pathway Resurfacing Schedule

I’ve received the following letter from Trafford. As councillors, we will submit roads and paths from Gorse Hill Ward for consideration but with the best will in the world, we can’t guarantee knowledge of every street and road is up to date (particularly as Trafford Park makes up a good proportion of the ward).

As you can see below we’re being invited to do it again this year. We were very successful last year and we hope to be again. Please submit roads that you feel should be considered for resurfacing. And note that we need to get these in by 20th February.

Dear Councillor,

Highways Planned Structural Maintenance 2012-13

Inspecting and prioritising roads and footways for the 2012-13 planned structural maintenance programme is currently being carried out. The process is that the roads identified for engineering inspection come from; the national highway surveys, the highway inspectors general assessment carried out in conjunction with safety inspections, requests for service and from the Elected Members identifying roads in their Ward.

Hence, it would be appreciated if you could identify the worst roads/footways in your Ward where the whole of the area is in poor condition. These will then be included on the inspection list. Roads and footways where the general condition is acceptable but there is a particular bad patch or pothole will not be addressed under the planned structural maintenance programme and it would be appreciated if you could refer these to Peter Barton at Carrington Depot rather than include them in any list of roads you refer for possible planned structural maintenance.

It would be appreciated if you could send any roads identified in your Ward by 20th February 2012. Apologies for the tight timescale, but it is hoped to have a draft programme in place by the end of February after which any other roads identified could not be considered except under exceptional circumstances until the 2013-14 year.

Thanking you in advance for your input.






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