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Letter issued 15th July 2010 to John Lamb (Director of Environment) Trafford Borough Council from Councillor Mike Cordingley


Firstly I need to declare an interest in that I live on Raglan Road.

I’m writing in anticipation of an escalation of complaints from neighbours over the state of the Raglan Road surface. I’ve been getting regular comments as it is.

This has been going on for at least two years and each year I’ve submitted Raglan Road for consideration of its inclusion onto the work programme. It’s surface is the worst that I’m aware of in Trafford in terms of deterioration of the tarmac surface over the concrete base. It has been subjected to more patches than a hippy’s jeans.

Today it appears that we’re going to be subjected to another patching exercise judging by the markings that have been made to the road. Unfortunately it doesn’t even look as though it’s a comprehensive marking and many spots needing attention have been left unmarked. In any event we know from experience that the patching won’t last as essentially the road surface is breaking up.

I’ve attached a link to some quick photographs I’ve just taken in a small segment of the road:


I’d really appreciate it if you could provide a justification for Raglan Road’s non inclusion in the resurfacing schedule. I don’t really want to get into pointing at roads who have received attention for less; but Hilrose Avenue in Urmston was nowhere near as bad as Raglan Road is aesthetically and it does seem to be a lottery at times as to which roads are included.

Since there’s an obvious personal interest, it does place me in a difficult position. Therefore in the interests of transparency I’m posting this email to the blog on the Gorse Hill Labour website and similarly intend to post any replies I receive to the website.


Mike Cordingley
Councillor for Gorse Hill

0161 865 9228







  1. Jane Fletcher avatar
    Jane Fletcher

    I agree. When we viewed our house 6 years ago I checked with the agents that the road was adopted as it was in such bad condition then that I thought it was a private road. Since then the condition has only deteriorated especially since the hard frosts over winter. I guess it may not be a priority as a no through road, but the condition is really poor and I find it quite hazardous as a cyclist.

    Jane Fletcher,

    1. admin avatar

      Thanks Jane. In addition to your comments I’ve received a report from another neighbour who fell off their bike yesterday as a consequence of the poor surface.
      I’ve passed on the comments of both of your to the environment team


      Further to my earlier email. I copied all the residents of Raglan Road into that letter and have already received two responses referring to the health and safety aspects to cyclists, one of whom you will see suffered an accident yesterday.

      Although Raglan Road is a cul de sac as far as four wheeled vehicles are concerned, it is nothing of the sort for two wheeled varieties, both pedal powered and motor-cycles. The road is well used by people wanting to cut through to Kelloggs and beyond. The safety of such users should not be compromised.

      Mike Cordingley

  2. Clive Weston avatar
    Clive Weston

    Mike, I live at number 54 Raglan Road and have to agree with the comments. The road is a disgrace and needs urgent attention.
    We do not let our children play on the road on the bikes / scooters due to the severity of some of the holes and cracks in the surface.
    Some of the holes have gotten worse since the severe winter and with the volume of traffic they will continue to get worse.
    I am sure that council will have money saving priorities but when personal property such as bikes, scooters and cars are being damaged due to lack of action, maybe when they get repair bills that will make them reprioritise.

    Clive Weston

  3. khalid khan avatar
    khalid khan

    The road surface condition of Raglan road is as bad as some streets of Pakistan. It reminds me very much of those streets. Although it is a health and safety hazard while walking on the sad street, yet, it may be a good idea to leave it as it is, so that it can be a tourist attraction.
    what else can I say???

    1. admin avatar

      Further comment re Road surface

      Dear Mike,

      Thanks for your letter regarding the poor condition of the road surface on Raglan Road, which resembles a country track.

      I am writing in support of your letter to John Lamb.

      I have lived on Raglan Road for nearly 5 years and have noticed a gradual deterioration in the quality of the road surface.
      There are at least 6 potholes and 8 repair patches in front of my house. Some damaged areas around grids don’t allow surface water to drain.

      The recently marked damage is only a small part of the extensive problem on Raglan Road.

      Surely it is time for the whole surface to be replaced.

      There is a lot of noise and vibration caused by cars and vans passing over potholes in Raglan Road.

      The poor road surface is also a danger to children playing on bicycles.

      I hope your letter to Mr Lamb will not be ignored and Raglan Road will be put on the resurfacing schedule.

  4. admin avatar

    Hi Mike

    I read the letter you sent to residents of Raglan Road so I thought I would
    forward you the email that I received from Trafford last week.

    Hopefully we can rally all the residents and railroad the coucil into doing
    something about the state of the road. I would be tempted to ask an estate
    agent whether it lowers the value of houses on the road compared to other
    roads in the area.


    Thank you for your email regarding Raglan Road, Stretford.
    Raglan Road was inspected recently and has been identified as a priority
    scheme, but, no work is planned in the road this financial year.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to confirm when a scheme on the road could be
    included in a Highway Structural Maintenance Programme because, as you
    may already be aware, it is likely that budget allocations over the next
    few years throughout the Council will be very restrictive.
    I have forwarded this detail to the local Highway Inspector who will
    visit the site and arrange for repairs to be carried out where required.

    Peter Manning (Highway Structural Maintenance Engineer)

  5. Ivan avatar

    My mum lives in Raglan Road, she is old and frail and the state of the road causes her a great deal of anguish. As virtually her only contact with the outside world is the short walk to visit the shops at the end of the road – paper, milk, chips. The state of the road and especially the pavement is a continual concern. I actually reported the tree just outside her garden in the pavement. It is now too big, and apart from its roots lifting her garden flags the gap between the tree and the wall is too narrow for a pram and too uneven to walk through if you are not very good on you legs. This tree issue is common right down the road and many people have to walk on the road as there is insufficient room. There is also a car parking issue – especially in the turning circle at the end.
    So any improvement to the road / trees and pavement would be appreciated.
    regards Ivan

  6. Susan Whittle avatar
    Susan Whittle

    Hi Mike,
    I would like to add my comments.
    I have lived on the road for nearly 20 years and can not remember the road being attended to apart from random ‘filling’ of the pot holes which have obviously just got worse and worse.
    My grand daughter has come off her bike that many times due to the bad road surface she refuses to use it now when she visits. People could start putting claims in for falls/personal injury if it isn’t sorted properly.
    Susan Whittle

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