Objection to planning proposal on Station Road

I am writing to object to the above application.

The proposal is to build on a shallow band of land adjacent to the railway embankment. The land is currently a band of scrub that is an important piece of greenery for the community. Although it is untended it does play a roll in community life. In the blackberry season, residents can be seen with buckets full of blackberries. The terraced houses bordering this space tend not to have gardens and this small piece of green is a vital amenity.

We have seen in recent months Community Volunteers from 'Love Gorse Hill' and the Stretford Wombles take part in litter picks of this area and the future looks really positive for this land.

The development itself is inappropriate to the terraced community. It will dominate the street scene of Bowness St as it will be much taller than the houses. It will take away natural light from the street itself.

Station Road is a vital cycle route through to Gorse Hill recognised in Trafford's cycle strategy that will grow in importance with developments already under construction at the Trafford College site and behind Trafford Park Station which I've welcomed. The proposal will have a detrimental affect on this cycleway as access to the footpath will be compromised.

This proposal is going to lead to over development in the area largely due to the loss of greenery. The site is also part of a wildlife corridor particularly for birds.

The railway line is increasingly busy and is running at full capacity. I have worries that the new homes will be too close to the railway. Clearly we need new homes but this is an inappropriate site as it removes a vital community asset and is simply wrong for the area.

I have been contacted via Facebook by a number of residents and it is clear that there is a great deal of disappointment in this application coming forward again. Gorse Hill Ward has insufficient greenspace which is why even small plots such as this are so vital. It will be a development too far if planning permission is granted.





Mike Cordingley

Labour Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward
0781 499 7522







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