Weed Spraying to start next week (July 6)

The annual weed spraying on the public highway across the borough is due to start on the 6th July.

The programme is anticipated to take four weeks to complete, but the application of the herbicide treatment is restricted by the weather. The effects of the weed spraying programme will normally become visible within a week.

At Trafford Council’s reconvened Executive Meeting last night, the Executive voted to continue to use Glyposate for this year. We were intending that treatment using NomixDual was to have been trialled during 2020. This is a residual approved weed spray product, however due to the impact of Covid-19 on day to day operations, the trial with the use of NomixDual for the 2020 season has unfortunately had to be put on hold.

The weed-spraying schedule begins with Clifford (Old Trafford) followed by Altrincham and Gorse Hill, so weather permitting we should see Gorse Hill begun next week.






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