Stretford Library to Move into the Mall

Stretford Library is to move across the road into the Mall. Trafford Music Service will move into the vacated library building and the Claremont Building in Sale which currently houses the music service will developed.

Bringing Trafford Music Service into Stretford would be an exciting outcome and put more artistic endeavour into our town centre. Anyone who has been to a concert at Claremont will know the high quality of performance this brings.

The proposals are contained in the Executive meeting to held 24th January. Clearly we need to ensure the new accommodation at the Mall meets the needs of Stretford, but there’s every reason to be optimistic.






2 responses to “Stretford Library to Move into the Mall”

  1. Maggie Joan 3rdager avatar

    Greater Manchester would benefit from a ‘Music Museum’. Could such a thing be incorporated within what will be the former Stretford Library building?

    1. MikeCordingley avatar

      I don’t know how much of the library the Music Service will take up but it’s a worthwhile suggestion.

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