Sad end to ‘Up Top’ project?

The people behind the innovative repurposing of the top floor at Stretford Mall’s multi-storey car park have thrown in the towel on their plans following delays in dealing with the planning application.

There may still be the chance of a couple of cinema events ‘up top’ but the Facebook post from Heather suggests that the chance of getting two summers worth of events from the scheme has diminished.

In the last few weeks we’ve had an entire army of volunteers offering professional skills or just an extra pair of hands and a huge number of amazing cash pledges, we’d like to thank you all individually in the next couple of days and of course all cash will be returned. And the biggest thanks to everyone else too, your massive support really kept us keep fighting tooth and nail beyond the bitter end.

Good bye amazing curiosity garden 🎪, it was certainly nice for us to all dream about you together for a bit 🎏

Up top Facebook Post






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