Plans to demolish Stretford Sorting Office

100557/DEM/20 | Demolition of the Former Postal Sorting Office. (Consultation under Schedule 2, Part 11 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015. | Postal Sorting Office Lacy Street Stretford M32 8AA






2 responses to “Plans to demolish Stretford Sorting Office”

  1. Martin Walton avatar
    Martin Walton

    I would support the demolition of the unused premises and re development to take place in the not too distant future

    1. MikeCordingley avatar

      I agree Martin. Always was a bit of a tin shed. You’re right to highlight, it’s what comes next that’s important. It’s a key location. It could be something that sparks life into Stretford as a canal-side location or they could forego that making it purely residential to bolster the Mall’s customer base. Probably something in-between is the most likely outcome.

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