Local Government Ombudsman Report on complaints against Trafford Council Waste Collection Service

The Ombudsman, having found fault in a number of cases, determined that they would issue a Public Interest report, covering six individual complaints. This report will be presented to the Executive on Monday 20th July.

One of the recommendations that should have a positive impact is for the council and Amey to review of its missed collection report and complaints process with a view to introducing a step where results of supervisor monitoring can be assessed or residents can talk to the supervisor about the problem and the matter given a chance to resolve.

One of the frustrations as a councillor is that there seems to have been a reluctance to learn from issues that arise and that it often only seems a matter of time before the issue repeats.

The report suggests that due to covid-19, this review has not yet been completed. Not going to dwell on that but I would like to see a greater commitment.

Full report to Executive






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