Housing trust to sell landmark block of flats in Lostock.

Trafford Housing Trust has announced it is to rehouse its residents living in Circle Court. The Trust has concluded that the flats fall short of the quality of homes it aspires to provide. The Trust will dispose of the building when it is empty.

The immediate concern is the welfare of the tenants. Dedicated staff will support residents until they are successfully rehoused in another property. This includes having staff available in the Circle Court community room from 10am until 4pm and Tuesday until 7.30pm for the next 10 working days as of today (24/8/2022).

Contact details for residents of Circle Court

Email: thomas.ingham@traffordhousingtrust.co.uk

Tel: 0161 968 0515

Link to Full Announcement

The Fate of Circle Court

Trafford Housing Trust provided very little information about the future of the tower block in its announcement. They say they will dispose of it once it is empty. The neighbourhood will be concerned that the block should not be allowed to become derelict. Travellers on the M60 witnessed the slow deterioration of Ossington Court on the Sale Moor border. The neighbourhood will not want a repeat. Lostock has improved enormously over the past decade with the Medical Centre, new shops and improved park. Lostock Community Partnership is looking to open up communication with the Housing Trust in order to ensure the neighbourhood has a voice throughout the undertaking.

Ossington Court – Northern Moor






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