Another blow to football

Local people have voiced disappointment at the loss of yet more football facilities in the area as Powerleague Soccer Dome at Trafford City has announced its closure date.

Devastating news for local kids football today , jjb soccer dome trafford to close in Jan 2019 , this will have a major impact on local kids football.

Can’t move in there on a friday night and weekend…then theres the school holiday camps!

How is this closure helping kids get fit!!!!

Hundreds of children use the soccer dome during the week and at the weekend for training and matches. Like Dave said, it will have a massive impact on local football teams as there are very few places to accommodate the huge number of football teams in the local area.

The area is seriously lacking in indoor and outdoor football facilities. It’s a real shame, and I’m hoping the council have places in mind for a all weather pitches somewhere. There are a lot of kids and clubs who use soccerdome.

That would be great , but I can tell you , not naming anywhere ( 😂😂😂) local residents like to moan when kids enjoying playing football on local fields complain over parking for 2-3 hrs on a Sat Sun morning , so M41ers would go nuts floodlights and all weather pitches invading their daily sad lives

Let them moan, it’s for the kids 😂.
The ones who’d moan about floodlights would be the same ones who moan about kids hanging about the street.

It is an absolute tragedy for the local area. It is used by all of the local grassroots football clubs and hundreds of kids. It is very sad news.






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