Amey on Notice

Trafford’s Labour leadership has issued an urgent improvement notice to Amey in respect of bin collections.

The improvement order, with a deadline of January 31, to Amey PLC follows repeated meetings between senior council officials and Amey representatives over the past few months.

While those meetings were held in private due to discussions of sensitive commercial information, conditions have now been imposed on the firm by the council to ensure services for residents across the borough are drastically improved as quickly as possible.

Labour inherited the troubled service from the Conservatives and have holding Amey to service standards they are contracted to deliver.

The action we have taken against Amey shows we are serious and not prepared to accept a sub-standard service, unlike the Conservatives and their record of little or no penalties against Amey is a matter of record.”

Councillor Stephen Adshead – Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change

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