Lostock College / Stretford High Closure

A special meeting of Trafford Council’s executive is meet on Monday 5th July to take the decision to close Lostock College and Stretford High School to enable the opening of an Academy at Stretford High (subject to the funding remaining in place)

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Details of the meeting:

Time: 6:00pm (members of the public are advised to arrive in good time as there’s a possibility that places will be limited)

Date: Monday 5th July

Place: Trafford Town Hall (notice indicates council chamber) – Public Access is from the entrance on the Warwick Road Side of the town hall

The opportunity to speak at Executive meetings is carefully controlled by the ruling Conservatives and they apply a rule that only one speaker is allowed from each political (non Conservative) party. It’s likely they will apply a similar ruling to members of the public and restrict speakers.

This is a very important decision and will shape educational access in the Stretford area for years to come. It’s clear that in totality they will have diminished the school buildings and facilities across the two sites in favour of modern but cramped accommodation at the Stretford High site.

The argument is that within these modern but cramped conditions a better quality of education can be provided. Many parents at both schools are sceptical of this; both schools are already delivering quality according to Ofsted.

At the same time that the Stretford High site is expanding its capacity, it is having to shed school fields to Tesco. This aspect taints the whole plan and undermines any claim by the council that improving provision is at the heart of the decision. The enlarged Academy should inherit its full complement of land and facilities from the smaller Stretford High School that precedes it.

The eventual loss of the Lostock site to the greater Academy is another kick to improved provision. The performing arts studios and facilities at Lostock are the envy of most schools and the consequence of much needed investment.

So Monday’s decision will be a bitter pill to swallow and we will want to continue to fight to ensure the best possible outcomes and facilities for our area’s children.






  1. Mrs LONGDON avatar

    I can only reiterate the fact that the site chosen is too small for the academy and that the lostock site has a far better provision for extending should the need arise in future years. They are also proposing to take part of the park for the new academy and i dont think that is right either. I think a more neutral site should have been found for the academy instead of the small site they are considering

    Mrs Longdon

    1. admin avatar

      Thank you for your comment Mrs Longdon. I’ve learned today that the money on the table to build at Stretford High is significantly lower than was envisaged by the school when it was seduced into supporting this scheme. £13m is now on offer; a lot less than the value of the land that Stretford High is surrendering to Tesco.
      Mike Cordingley

  2. Angela Kennedy avatar
    Angela Kennedy

    The decision to continue despite incertainty about funding and all other options flatly denied is disgraceful. The motto underpinning the coat of arms of Trafford
    ‘Hold Fast that which is good’ is a farse!

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