Local Government’s approach to cuts

I’m posting a link here to a very dry (almost Open University c1980s) discussion on council efficiency. Despite its dryness, it does capture the current serious debate going on in councils across the country, in this case it’s the procurement directors of Linconshire and Worcestershire; it could easily have been Trafford and Salford.

Responses to the cuts aired in the programme include a centralised project hub and greater reliance on the voluntary sector. My nagging worry is that these project hub’s or Transformation (Trafford’s version) always recruit new staff and add to the bill; in times of crisis we always seem to need a new level of management to tell the old level of management what it should do.

Using the voluntary sector; all for it. But do council chiefs really understand the dynamics of the sector?

Anyway, it’s heavy stuff and you’ll have your own views. I’d be interested in hearing them.
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I love hearing your views