Litter – What is it good for?

The Select Committee responsible for looking at Councils has just launched an inquiry into litter.

The promotional video below is looking at very similar aspects to the Panorama last year featuring Gorse Hill. There's a focus in the video on enforcement looking once again at the Braintree experience which has a zero tolerance regime. Trafford has opted for zero enforcement and it'll be interesting to see how the inquiry goes.

How we can contribute to the inquiry

Written submissions are invited from interested parties on:

  • What problems do litter and fly-tipping create for local communities-is the situation improving or deteriorating?
  • How effective are the actions of those responsible for managing waste in the local environment? What more should local councils, the Environment Agency, and Government funded bodies such as WRAP do?
  • Does the current statute, regulation and guidance set an effective framework to minimise litter and fly-tipping. What, if any, further changes are required?
  • What roles do and should the private citizen and campaign and action groups have in tackling litter?

The Committee particularly welcomes any evidence from local authority scrutiny committees.


The Committee welcomes photographs illustrating problems with litter and fly-tipping and also before and after photographs where areas have been successfully cleaned up. Please tweet your photographs to @commonsclg, using the hashtag #litterpix


The Committee asks for written submissions in accordance with the guidelines below by 2.00pm on Thursday, 16 October 2014. As a guideline submissions should be no longer than 3,000 words. 

Submissions should be uploaded onto the website in word format no later than the deadline.

More Details on the parliamentary website







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