I’m backing Liz Kendall as Labour Leader


September 2014 BBC Newsnight – Ed Miliband had forgotten the deficit in his speech. The political pundits are tearing into the Labour leader's performance.

BBC manage to find a single minister prepared to come on to promote the economic policies forgotten by Ed Miliband. Liz Kendall gave such a slick and controlled interview defending Ed and Labour that the interviewer was forced to move on.

This was the first time I'd really seen Liz Kendall under pressure. She totally owned the moment. Since then she's never failed to impress.

I'm supporting Liz Kendall for Leader of the Labour Party.

I hate Labour being in opposition. Some find it a very comfortable place to be. I absolutely hate it. Liz Kendall offers Labour it's best chance of winning in 2020.






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