IDS resignation shines light on The Big Lie at centre of Tory Policies

An Extraordinarily important letter; take it at its face value, here is the guy who has been implementing Tory welfare cuts for the last six years and he is now saying that they are unfair…
.. and that the government, the Conservative Government, of which he has been a member of is not proving that ‘We are all in this Together’; This is a huge moment!…
The achilles heel, the electoral achilles heel of the Conservative Party is the idea that they are the party of the rich, and here is the welfare secretary, the Tory Welfare Secretary saying that it’s a real problem.
It’s devastating!

Tim Mongomerie – speechwriter for the former Conservative Leader, Ian Duncan Smith

Founder of ConservativeHome, The Tory Grassroots website

David Cameron’s reaction, courtesy of the Daily Mirror






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