Doorstep Challenge

I was asked on the doorstep tonight ahead of tomorrow’s election about Labour’s policy for the aviation sector. It was such an interesting question. To be honest, I struggled a little with it. I have such a conflicting internal dialogue on this subject and certainty is never going to leap forth from my lips.

  • As a Trafford Councillor, Trafford is very dependent in the medium term on the Manchester Airport Dividend.
  • As a socialist, I want to see working people have the same access to international travel as the very wealthiest

  • Planes are inherently linked to climate change
  • It feels simply wrong that it’s cheaper to fly to somewhere like Prague than it is to go by train to London.

I can tell you that locally we want Manchester Airport to flourish but my voter wanted reassurance over air fuel taxes. I’m interested in how people feel Labour should balance this?





I love hearing your views