Cycle Safe in Stretford – A potential solution to the Barton Road / Chester Road death-trap

The Times has been running their Cycle Safe campaign to identify hazardous road layouts for cyclists. Unsurprisingly the Barton Road / Chester Road Gyratory has received a lot of criticism. The cyclist heading from Barton Road towards Altrincham finds themself merging into the fast third lane of the main arterial route and having to navigate to the inside lane as motor traffic also sorts itself ready to join the M60.

Sometimes there are no clever solutions to hazardous junctions but on this occasion a potential fix has been put forward by ‘Tom’ on

Barton Road gyratory suggestion (Trafford)

I’m drawn to this layout of Tom’s. I think it has merit. Instead of the Manchester bound traffic heading along the direction of Barton Road before swinging right, the Manchester bound traffic sticks to the line of Chester Road.  What do you think?






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