Councillor’s Diary – Week Commencing 13th November

Monday 13th November

Update Meeting on Stretford Public Realm

What can I say? I don’t want to lose the subways, I use them. I do want the speed limit reduced in Stretford, so that’s something, but I’m more than underwhelmed. It still feels like an 8-2 win for the car driver. Perhaps it’s the best that can be achieved. I better not say any more. I’ve signed the petition though…..

Tuesday 14th November

Budget ExecutiveSchool Crossing Patrol’s scrapped, Garden Waste collections scrapped unless you’re willing to pay and we’re still £2m quid short, even after we’ve hiked up council tax.

We’ve been saying this has been coming, we’ve known about the Graph of Doom for 6 years or so. Next year will be even worse than this year.

I suppose you could argue that people are not going to march on the gates of the palace over the issue of garden waste collections, but it seems to me that we’re heading to a point where councils have withdrawn from many ordinary people’s lives.

In Bury they’ve gone to three weekly collections. On the current trajectory we’ll have to do the same before too many years. Bury now have private companies touting for the trade. So those that can pay, get a better service than those that can’t in a basic service like waste collection. Before long those that pay will be wondering why they have to pay council tax, why can’t they just pay for the services they use? The fact that I can even imagine the question being asked shows how far we’ve descended.


Wednesday 15th November

Scrutiny Meeting

First item Budget, Second item Trafford Leisure…We took a long time over the budget. The main theme was the importance of growth in housing and business to the council’s income. On the whole, I am largely in agreement with the need to build. I am wholly opposed to building on greenspace central and core to a neighbourhood, such as Station Road Green (referred to last week in the diary) and the large Flixton Village Greens area, but given that the need for housing is the major source of my weekly casework, I have to make the case for housing in places that are not so core, such as Pomona and Trafford Waters. People will disagree, but they need to show me where they will build.

Trafford Leisure, big issue – we could lose George Carnall Sports Centre. We’re suffering as a nation from inactivity and obesity … talk of being cleverer … targetting… getting people active … social prescribing … yet we’re making the journeys to school less safe and prioritising the car whenever we’re given the option.

I’m being a bit bleak tonight aren’t I?

Thursday 17th November

Library volunteering and more housing casework

Friday 18th November

Signing off for a few days as daughter and son in law due to visit from America






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