Contemptible Conservatism returns to Council – private police forces and tally ho racers

Perhaps there’s insurgency in the Tory ranks in Trafford, perhaps it’s complacency, I don’t know the reason, but we saw a nastier, more contemptuous and arrogant side to the Conservative Party at the council meeting on Wednesday. Particularly emanating from the wealthiest wards in Hale and Bowdon,  we can assume that this is not the drowning panic of those about to lose their seats.

Should we be glad that these Tories are showing their true colours,  be it contempt for PCSOs? – (I suppose that a community police officer is not likely to get through the security on some of the mansions of Hale Barns – these are people used to private security and are all for extending it to the police force). It worries me that the way in which any community provision is dismissed as namby pamby, trade unionists are derided and even pedestrians and children must not be allowed to slow down the Bentleys of Bowdon. They can deny the low-paid any protection, but do not even think of reviewing the levels of pay at the top of the organisation. There’s definitely a place for class solidarity in the Tory psyche. There was the flippant throwaway line that employers would not want to employ Labour supporters; and yes it was a joke, and we can take a joke.

The Tories have reformed beyond belief from the party that set soldiers onto protesters in Peter’s Field for the Peterloo Massacre. It’s just every now and again their dna shows through and you’re reminded of just who these people are. Time to knock some of that complacency out of them.

Mike Cordingley







  1. Dave Mitchell avatar
    Dave Mitchell

    It is time that the Labour Party represented working people as enthusiastically as the Tories represent their rich friends. Let’s make no bones about it, we ended up with this coalition of the rich because of the failure of the so called “New Labour” project which was actually a continuation of Tory policies. Over time working people became disconnected and alienated from politics, as their lives have steadily got worse. Blair and Co were privatising with glee and following the same discredited Thatcherite agenda.

    Our party should not be afraid to embrace Socialism and start giving people a real alternative to this nasty Neo-Liberal consensus that has dominated the political scene for over 30 years.

    The clearest example of this can be seen in Bradford where in Bradford West an independent party led by George Galloway took away a safe Labour seat. The message in that is that people are crying out for a real alternative. It was a shot across the bows and we should take note. Labour needs to become a party of working people, of the vulnerable and the downtrodden, who currently have no voice in British Politics, and haven’t for a long time. The middle ground is a fiction, an excuse conjured up by careerist politicians such as Tony Blair who put their own interests before those of society. The New Labour project damaged Labour’s reputation and disconnected most of our supporters. It is time to put that right. Clear, bold socialist policies are the way forward and I am proud to be one. We all should be. Once we are then we can begin the task of putting a real worker’s Government into power.

  2. Dave Mitchell avatar
    Dave Mitchell

    I know the movie Robocop was only fiction but I feel it gave a glimpse of the disaster a privatised police force would be. Crime would go through the roof and lawlessness would become an epidemic. It is time to curtail private business. They already have way too much power. We need a properly resourced and trained police force in the public sector. Privatisation would be a disaster of immense proportions.

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