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"barton bio mass"

My postbag is increasingly dominated by the proposal to build a biomass powerstation at Barton near to the M60. This is a major scheme and we have to be careful that we’re not allowing dioxins and black carbons to be pumped into the air. Gorse Hill is very much downwind of the plant and we need to get it right. We value your views and by all means use the comments facility below to post a comment.

I’ve added a page to our website here and posted resources from both sides of the argument. I’ll add to the page as the debate develops.

Mike Cordingley






  1. Lorraine Jackson avatar
    Lorraine Jackson

    This should not be going ahead. If the health protection agency are saying health impacts are minimal, as an asthmatic living within a mile of the plant, I don’t want a minimal worsening of my condition. However, I have read independent research which shows that impacts on health are much greater than is being advertised, with links to cancer, COPD asthma etc. In addition, it is not the Best Available Technology, which is plasma gassification as it does not produce harmful emissions and is more energy efficient.

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      Thanks Lorraine,
      You make a sound argument. I’ve written to Peel Energy today to get greater clarification of the impact on air quality. My letter can be viewed with the following link.
      Letter written today to Peel Energy

      Mike Cordingley

  2. Lorraine Jackson avatar
    Lorraine Jackson

    Thank you very much for your support.

    In addition, following your comments about air quality, I was wondering if the local councillors are aware that PM2.5s are not currently being monitored in the Trafford area. In addition, I would be interested to learn what filters Peel are proposing for the plant?

    Thanks once again
    Lorraine Jackson

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