Authorities and Professionals (even voluntary sector professionals) sometimes need to let go

Interesting and perhaps challenging thoughts from Cormac Russell below. Is it a license for councils to walk away? Perhaps it is, but only to do something of a greater benefit, rather than just to simply cut.

Frighteningly, if 'walking away' isn't preceded with, and associated with letting go of reins it'll be disastrous.

Trafford is showing how not to do it, by withdrawing it's services and exerting total control over what the community does in it's place:

  • Park groups are being told what they can plant and where to plant them.
  • The council are selecting and choosing its ambassadors from the communities to sit on partnerships.
  • Street Associations may about to be the next victim – they're going to vet who you choose to chair 

And it's not just the Council – the same dynamic applies to health and housing, even voluntary sector professionals – and therein lies the dilemma;  it's often a fight for survival.

Anyway here's the video






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