Another Tory Flagship Council shows its nasty side

Ombudsman slams H&F council as pregnant domestic violence victim is forced to sleep in park

When David Cameron went to Hammersmith & Fulham recently he told locals that “when I look at the record of what the Conservatives have done here in Hammersmith and Fulham, far from being embarrassed as the Conservative Leader, I’m proud of what they’re doing”.

Last Thursday the Local Government Ombudsman condemned Hammersmith and Fulham Council and determined it must pay compensation to a pregnant woman fleeing domestic violence, after Cameron’s ‘flagship’ local authority refused to provide her with support and temporary accommodation. The terrified woman was later found seeking shelter in a park.

This shocking tale would be of no interest to Stretford residents except that it highlights the true Tory future should we re-elect the nasty party. It serves as a reminder of the squalor and destitution that faced many in Thatcher’s Britain. For goodness sake we mustn’t let them back.

Mike Cordingley






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