A Question of Morality

Saturday night radio, I listened to BBC’s Moral Maze on the subject of taxation, a topic triggered by David Cameron’s recent assertion that he had a moral duty to cut taxes. Does morality come into it? And what about local taxes?


Given that the panel included such consummate right wingers as Melanie Phillips and Portillo, there was a pleasing consensus that taxes set both too high and too low might equally be considered immoral at the extremes. Nevertheless, Cameron’s moral imperative for low taxes really misses the point. It is for society to decide the services to be provided collectively or individually.

Trafford is the midst of savaging the services it provides. The Tories ‘regret’ their cuts but there is no discussion about morality. Could it not be argued that it is immoral to close youth provision down, shut libraries and decimate the services for vulnerable people?





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