A home on the market

A house worth £11,250,000?

That money could buy 80 decent family homes.

With architecture owing its inspiration (it seems to me) to a Scooby Doo cartoon episode; and landscaping designed for the Telly Tubbies, it’s pretty hideous to be honest.

However, the house in Bowdon was shortlisted for Trafford’s design awards, so it’s obviously impressed the Tories.

But the equivalent of 80 family homes?

At that sort of price it would obviously fall into the target catchment for the Mansion Tax proposed by Vince Cable but rejected by the Conservatives. I want Labour to pick up that particular baton. Critics may argue that it’s the politics of  jealousy; it’s not. Labour became so paralysed with fear with regard to charges of taxing aspiration that we failed to tackle a tax system loaded in favour of the very wealthy. The house value may be the equivalent of 80 family homes but the Council Tax is the equivalent of just two.

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