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  • Committees may not be a good way to design a car, but they’re the way to make sure the city ticks

    Committees may not be a good way to design a car, but they’re the way to make sure the city ticks

    There have still been a few meetings happening as we enter the summer break. Whilst I haven’t attended all in person, the importance of the subject matter has made it imperative to read the reports and catch the video streams. Committees are hard work and you still get the occasional member who can never reach…

  • Choosing the next MP

    Choosing the next MP

    We’re in the middle of our selection as Labour candidate. It’s an important choice and the three candidates left standing are of a really high quality. Iram Woolley Andrew Western Joanne Harding I’m having trouble choosing the candidate This is really an open set of five political questions to them as well as one operational…

  • Happy New Year to you all

    Happy New Year to you all

    A few predictions for this time of year seems to be the tradition. I’m optimistic. Covid I think we’re going to have a difficult few weeks with covid but spring is going to look so much better for those who keep up their vaccination. It will never go away but we’ll find it far more…

  • Alleyway Blues

    Alleyway Blues

    The long haul to get an alleyway back to a position where it becomes a communal asset

  • January done, Brexit done

    January done, Brexit done

    A shorter update this week. Quite a bit of casework but two events dominate everything else. Holocaust Memorial Day and Brexit. We stand together Trafford’s Holocaust event was on Wednesday. Incredibly well attended, the event grows every year. The theme this year was Stand Together. The event told the story of Sam Walshaw, born in…

  • Anti-Semitism

    This taints us all in Labour. I’m ashamed. I’m disgusted. It is getting worse. It is not easy. I stay and fight. Seventy serving and ex-Labour officials have given sworn statements to an official investigation into the party’s handling of anti-Semitism allegations