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  • Putting Children back to first priority

    Putting Children back to first priority

    I am really pleased that Andy Western – leader of Trafford Council has made the comments I’m sharing below. It’s something I’ve been uncomfortable with since the outset of the first lockdown. I was never happy that schools were shut down. With hindsight, I can see we needed a pause to get on top of […]

  • Can Covid be in the past whilst rates soar?

    Can Covid be in the past whilst rates soar?

    Answer: Possibly not, but it’s not our biggest problem right now For a long time I have been keeping a close watch of hospital admissions in the north west and also deaths. Those figures have been gently coming down for a few months. So, I must admit I hadn’t for quite a while been following […]

  • Covid is not done with us yet

    Covid is not done with us yet

    Locally, the number of Covid infections has gone through the roof. We need to get those vaccinations going before ‘freedom day’.

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Progress

    Covid-19 Vaccination Progress

    This has been a big issue for me. To be honest, I’ve ruffled a few feathers and got a ticking off at this month’s Labour group meeting, but hey-ho. In the wealthy belt across the south of the borough the GPs seem to have worked through the cohorts at breakneck speed, way ahead of the […]

  • A levels and Alleyways

    A levels and Alleyways

    Councillor’s update: work on planning, local issues, covid, exams, and the transformation of a community’s alleys.

  • Councillor Update July 2020

    Councillor Update July 2020

    Covid Trafford is experiencing the rise in positive cases of Covid seen across Greater Manchester. We don’t seem to be experiencing a corresponding rise in hospital admissions. The rise in positive tests seems to particularly focused on a younger segment of the population. The message continues to be vigilent and get tested if you have […]