I’m no longer a councillor, but let’s see if we can still make a difference! In some ways change might be easier from outside the town hall.

The quote below was my credo whilst Councillor for Gorse Hill.

I want to tell you what I’m doing as a councillor. It was your votes that put me here and I think it’s right that I report back to you.

And I want you to be able to tell me I’m wrong or tell me I’m right. That’s all there is to it. It’s a sounding board.

Mike Cordingley
November 2010

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  • Choosing the next MP

    Choosing the next MP

    We’re in the middle of our selection as Labour candidate. It’s an important choice and the three candidates left standing are of a really high quality. Iram Woolley Andrew Western Joanne Harding I’m having trouble choosing the candidate This is really an open set of five political questions to them as well as one operational […]

  • Consultation on first phase of Stretford to Quays cycleway

    Consultation on first phase of Stretford to Quays cycleway

    Long waited movement on the Stretford to Quays cycleway seems imminent as the Wharfside Way element is being put out to consultation. Got to admit that travelling from the stadium, I’d normally take John Gilbert Way to get to Fraser Place but I can see that this route serves a lot more. From a purely […]

  • Exciting New Quayside Destination

    Exciting New Quayside Destination

    This could be amazing.

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